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HSIS is designed to provide data to be used in research conducted in the general public interest, which is intended for publication in a scientific journal or other national publication. By submitting this request, the user is promising to follow these guidelines. Educators who wish to use HSIS data for instructional purposes in a road safety course should contact HSIS staff directly at Ana.Eigen@dot.gov. Users wishing to obtain data for purposes other than research or instruction should contact the States directly. HSIS staff will be pleased to provide contact names and addresses.

Before filling out the form, please review the data element tables to see which variables are available for a given state or the guidebooks for detailed descriptions and definitions.

Table Directions (please read first)

  • Table 1 — Data Elements for Accident, Vehicle, and Occupant Files
  • Table 2 — Data Elements for Roadway and Roadway-Related Files


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