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Safety Evaluation of Transverse Rumble Strips on Approaches to Stop-Controlled Intersections in Rural Areas

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HSIS Summary Report


Srinivasan, R., J. Baek, and F. Council




The objective of this effort was to examine the impact of TRSs on crashes, specifically total crashes, injury crashes, and specific crash types, such as right-angle and run stop sign crashes. The effort also included an economic analysis to investigate the tradeoffs between different crash types. It cold be hypothesized that the major effect of TRSs would be to reduce instances of drivers failing to stop at an intersection because they are unaware of the intersection (or stop sign) presence (i.e., reduce run stop sign crashes). However, by increasing the driver's awareness of the upcoming intersection, the TRSs might also affect crashes where the driver stops at the sign but then pulls out into the path of an oncoming vehicle (i.e., reducing right-angle crashes). Thus analysis of both is warranted.

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Safety Evaluation of Transverse Rumble Strips on Approaches to Stop-Controlled Intersections in Rural Areas


transverse rumble strips
stop sign
right angle crash

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